What is the Best Tennis Racket For Advanced Players?

Once a player makes the leap from intermediate to advanced, they should analyze whether their racquet meets the needs of their improved game. At advanced levels, playing the proper racquet for your style can make the difference between winning and losing.

Intermediate players need a more forgiving racket. Advanced players who hit less off-center shots should focus on racquets that enhance their game's strengths. A player with heavy topspin groundstrokes should seek a racket allowing her to swing freely while generating extra spin. A player who generates consistent power should seek a racket that adds precision to their game.

Who Is An Advanced Tennis Player?

Advanced players typically rate 4.0 or higher on the USTA League rating scale, although high-end 3.5s may also qualify as advanced. These players typically play two or more times per week.

Advanced players can control the spin, power, and placement of their shots. They engage in extended rallies. Their serves typically feature good spin and placement, keeping an opponent on the baseline.

Most Powerful Tennis Rackets - Top Racquets for Adults

When it comes to power in tennis rackets, the Babolat Pure Drive stands out as one of the most powerful options available. The Pure Drive's design and construction prioritize generating significant power on every shot. It features a larger head size, typically around 100 square inches, which provides a larger sweet spot and a greater chance of making powerful contact with the ball. Additionally, the racquet's stiffness and lightweight nature contribute to its ability to generate impressive power, allowing players to hit booming shots with less effort. The Babolat Pure Drive is a popular choice for players who rely on a powerful baseline game and want to maximize their shot-making potential on the court.

What Are The Best Tennis Racquets For Advanced Players?

The best racket for advanced players depends greatly on their style of play. The reason why the ATP top ten features nine different frames (other than the money players receive for endorsing a racquet) is the different style of play among the top players. Each wants every possible advantage and seeks the racquet that gives them the best chance of winning.

The five tennis racquets in our survey cater to different styles. One of these will surely enhance your game.

Wilson Clash 100 Limited Edition Roland Garros Tennis Racket

Wilson Clash 100 Limited Edition Roland Garros Tennis Racquet


  • Length: 27 in
  • Strung Weight: 10.9 oz / 310 g
  • Head Size: 100 sq. in

Wilson designed the flex 100 for the modern game. It introduced FreeFlex technology, giving the feel of a flexible racquet with a stiff racket's power. FreeFlex allows players to swing harder without sacrificing accuracy. It also provides a significant boost in power. The 16 x 19 swing pattern remains dense enough to add spin to your shots while providing a softer feel.

Players should find that they do not have to swing as hard to produce the same power. Players may have to adjust how they swing on kill shots as the Clash may provide more power and spin than their current racquet. The adjustment should come quickly and naturally.

The light weight makes it maneuverable at the net. Even on balls close to your body, you should have no trouble keeping the racquet in position to return the shot. The flexible frame can cause problems controlling touch volleys.

Despite designing the frame to add power, Wilson’s design kept the feel of the racket soft. Players with arm issues will find that the Clash provides the benefits of a stiff framed racket without the wear and stress to the arm.

This version of the Clash features a Roland Garros inspired design. It is also available in red, gray, and black.

The Clash works well for intermediates and advanced players, also advanced juniors with good control and spin who seek a more maneuverable and powerful racket.


  • Freeflex technology combines a powerful result with a soft feel
  • Easy to maneuver at the net
  • Light swingweight


  • May provide too much power on aggressive strokes
  • Difficult to control softer, touch shots

Babolat Pure Strike 16 x 19 Racket

Babolat Pure Strike 16 x 19 Racquet


  • Length: 27 in
  • Strung Weight: 11.3 oz
  • Head Size: 98 sq. in

Babolat designed the Pure Strike for control oriented players. Sporting a slightly thinner frame than the Pure Drive, it rewards all-court players looking to make aggressive swings. The 16 X 19 string pattern adds control and spin to your shots. Dominic Theim plays the Pure Strike racquet.

The Pure Strike incorporates C2 Pure Feel technology to reduce vibrations. Designed by SMAC, a French company more well known for aerospace than tennis, C2 Pure Feel turns the entire racket head into a dampener.

Players find it easier to add spin with the Pure Strike. In the latest model, Babolat introduced FSI Power, which features more space between strings at the top of the racket head. The extra spacing enhances the spin and power of the shots.

The Pure Strike features a softer feel than its Pure Drive cousins. The flexible frame makes the Pure Strike better than the Pure Drive for players with arm issues. It also makes it easier to execute touch shots.

Babolat increased the stability of the Pure Strike from previous generations. You can hit winners on the run with ease. The racquet remains steady when fielding powerful shots from big hitters.

The Pure Strike comes in a bright white, red, and blue color sure to impress on the court.

The Pure Strike will augment the game of aggressive all-court players looking to add control without sacrificing power.


  • Allows players to make full, aggressive swings
  • Flexible frame enhances feel, making touch shots easier
  • Built-in vibration dampening


  • Provides less power than similar Babolat tennis rackets

Head Graphene 360+ Speed PRO Tennis Racquet

Head Graphene 360+ Speed Pro Tennis Racquet


  • Length: 27 in
  • Strung Weight: 11.5 oz
  • Head Size: 100 sq. in

Endorsed by Novak Djokovic, the Head Graphene 360+ Speed PRO Tennis Racket is the heaviest of the racquets we reviewed. At 11.5 oz strung, it edges out the Wilson Blade for top honors. The heavier weight adds stability to the racket, making it easier to control off-center shots and return hard-hit balls.

The 360+ employs a very dense 18 x 20 string pattern. While typically dense string patterns favor control over spin, the 360+ allows for more than adequate topspin production. The weight complements the string pattern, making control the 360+’s top attribute.

Despite the extra weight, the racquet still performs well in quick exchanges at the net. Frequent doubles players may question the need for a less maneuverable racquet. However, anyone who plays singles or otherwise spends significant time at the baseline will appreciate the extra stability and control.

The 360+ Speed PRO features a sleek black and white design.

The 360+ works best for strong baseliners looking for a more stable racquet and additional precision.


  • Weight and string pattern enhance control
  • Stability assists with off-center shots and returning hard shots
  • Good for all-court players seeking more precision


  • Not as maneuverable, especially at the net

Wilson Blade 98 (18x20) v7.0

Wilson Blade 98 (18x20) v7.0


  • Length- 27 inches
  • Strung Weight: 11.4 oz
  • Head Size: 98 sq. in

The racquet of choice of Stefanos Tsitsipas and Simona Halep, the Blade makes use of FeelFlex technology, an upgrade over the FreeFlex technology in the Clash. FeelFlex provides superior vibration dampening while allowing the player to receive excellent feedback from it on each shot.

The Blade also features a tapered top end of the grip. This makes it more comfortable for two-handers.

The 18 X 20 string pattern adds control to the already powerful frame. The Blade targets aggressive, all-court players who like to paint the lines. The higher swingweight, 5 ounces higher than the Clash we reviewed, also adds control to shots.

Wilson reduced the head weight on the racquet, making it more maneuverable. While the higher frame weight may cause problems with rapid volley rallies, the four points head light balance should provide more than adequate ability to produce strong reaction volleys.

The racquet provides excellent control on off-center shots. It absorbs pace well, allowing you to return big shots with confidence.

The Blade features a stylish black, gray, and lime green design.

Players looking for extra pop in their shots without sacrificing control or spin should consider adding the blade to their arsenal.


  • Provides excellent control
  • Enables an aggressive, all-court game
  • Great vibration control


  • Higher swingweight may reduce maneuverability




  • Length- 27 inches
  • Strung Weight: 10.8 oz
  • Head Size: 98 sq. in

The racquet played by Steve Johnson and Olympic Gold Medalist Monica Puig, Yonex designed the VCORE 98 LITE to provide extra spin. The slightly more open 16 x 19 string pattern provides more spin and power than the 18 x 20 pattern.

The VCORE 98 LITE also offers a flexible frame. This grants additional access to spin as well as a more comfortable feel at contact. The Aero Fin grooves and Aero Trench grommets allow you to bring the racquet through the swing quicker by reducing wind drag.

Yonex crafted a very maneuverable racquet, allowing you to stay in position at the net even on close-quarter volleying. It absorbs powerful shots well and allows for crisp, precise winners.

The frame will not add power. The frame encourages spin and control but will require a harder swing to generate pace. Players looking for a power racket may prefer the Blade. Players with a precision game, especially singles players, will love the control it provides.

The soft feel also makes the racquet a good choice for players looking to take pressure off of their arms. The flexible frame absorbs impacts better than a stiffer frame. Despite the flexibility, the frame remains stable on off-center shots and absorbs your opponent’s pace well.

The VCORE 98 Lite comes in Yonex’s iconic red and black design, making the racquet easy to pick out of the crowd.

Players seeking to maximize their precision and add a little spin to their games should try the VCORE 98 LITE.


  • Excellent control for precise shots
  • Flexible frame is easy on the arm
  • Easy to maneuver at the net


  • Will not add power to your game

Which Racquet is Advanced Juniors?

Choose which racquet plays to your strength and needs. A player with adequate power needing more control and consistency may reach for the control and spin provided by the VCORE 98 LITE. A player with better control but lacking pop may benefit more from the Blade. A true baseliner who rarely approaches the net may improve the most with the 360+.

Once you decide what you need out of a frame, take the time to demo several models. Play with them long enough to obtain a good feel for the racquet and see how it impacts your game. Notice which parts of your game improve compared to your current stick. Then you can make an informed decision about which racquet to buy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best tennis racket for intermediate players?

The Yonex EZONE 98 and the Wilson Clash 100 probably fit the needs of intermediate players the best. Both racquets provide a comfortable feel while delivering additional power to the shot. This allows the intermediate player to improve their game by learning to generate more spin and control.

What is the best tennis racquet in the world?

The best racquet is the one you win with the most! Seriously, there is no right answer to this question. The top 10 ATP players use nine different frames. The top 10 WTA pliers use eight different frames. The best racquet is the one that maximizes your results.

What racquets do pro tennis players use?

Pro tennis players endorse a wide variety of racquets. Money plays a factor in the racquets they use as all top players receive money for endorsing frames. Some pros endorse racquet on the market but use specialized racquets suited to their games. Most recreational players' games would suffer using the heavier and stiffer racquet of a professional player.

Do tennis pros use oversize racquets?

Oversized racquets generally start at 103 square inches. Most pros use racquets in the 90-100 square inch range. Serena Williams uses a 104 square inch Wilson Blade that is 27.7 inches long but is one of the very few using such a large racquet. Bigger frames reduce the maneuverability of the racquet.

What is the most powerful tennis racquet?

Many consider the Babolat Pure Drive the top power-producing racket. However, other factors will limit the power a racquet provides to your game, such as swing speed, the spin your swing path produces, and your strings' tension.

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