What are the Best Tennis Rackets On A Budget?

Are you a tennis enthusiast? Well, this article is for you. What is the condition of your racquet? Need an upgrade?

Whether you are a skilled or novice player, you've got a list of specs that defines your perfect racquet. These questions can guide you to make a suitable choice for a racquet.

  • Is it merely for recreation or professional tennis?
  • What’s my age and physical strength?
  • What are my preferences out of the experience?
  • Which material is durable?
  • What is the best tennis racquet for my budget? 

No matter your specifications, the market has a vast sea of racquet brands that may make it difficult for you to settle on a suitable product. Relax and let our review shed light on the top-recommended brands. This review outlines everything you need to know about the best budget racquets.

Best Budget Tennis Racquets Reviewed

1. Wilson Pro Staff

Wilson Pro Staff


  • Length: 27.50
  • Strung weight: 8.9
  • Head Size: 110

There are several noticeable changes made to this modern version of the classic pro staff. First, you will feel easy holding it as it is one of the lightest by Wilson. Secondly, you will see a more stylish look than we used to with the previous version.

I can better explain the stylish look that I am talking about by referring you to the racquet Rodger Federer uses. You will feel like that great man while using it. It is all black, and just like me, you will fall in love with its paint job.

It has a one of a kind countervail technology that is beneficial in several ways. This technology is a select type of material that absorbs shock and makes playing more comfortable. After trying previous versions that came with it, I couldn't go for a newer version that lacks this feature.

As mentioned earlier, this racquet weighs less than most alternatives you have probably tried. I love its lightweight compared to the weightier models, as it is easy to put more power behind a shot with a light racquet.

I can conclude that it is an excellent pick for advanced players who will most likely also be going professional. The small frame is also perfect for you if you would like to sharpen your accuracy skills. Its mobility makes it the right racquet for beginners who are still struggling with taking quick shots.


  • Comfortable with a high spin
  • Good for groundstrokes
  • Controlled power


  • Can be less forgiving on off-center hits

2. Wilson Ultra Tennis Racket: under 50

Wilson Ultra Racquet


  • Length: 27.50
  • Strung Weight: 8.9
  • Head Size: 110

This racquet takes the comfort you need when playing tennis to a new level. It is fair to say that Wilson built this model comfort, and that is why it is a favorite for many players. It has a unique frame geometry that makes it unique and great for anyone working on a budget.

Its unique frame also makes every playing session a great experience, even for starters. It generates effortless power, and that, in my view, experienced players will enjoy using. You can take powerful shots from any part of the field.

I loved most about it because any player can comfortably use it even though the features look perfect for advanced players. Again, it can suit you with whatever style of play you enjoy. Its superior playability is one of the unique factors that you will find interesting.

It makes a statement with its unique and eye-catching design. The matte finish complemented with a detailed pattern makes it look stylish. If your style is balanced and you take shots from any point in the field, this is the best choice. It is a great selection also if you are working on a budget.


  • Light in weight
  • Good headlight performance
  • Stylish design


  • Unsuitable for advanced players

3. Pro Kennex - Affordable Tennis Racket

Pro Kennex


  • Length: 27.00
  • Strung Weight: 11.4
  • Head Size: 100

With a classic players frame, the Kennex pro will fit you if you want to go professional. Its structure comes equipped with a unique technology known as the Kennex Kinetic System. It makes playing with the Kinetic pro request enjoyable and less demanding on your energy reserves.

This unique technology in the frame has dozens of chambers that make tennis easy, even for new players. The chambers hold moving mass and make it effortless to push the ball. The fact that you get this feature on a budget should make you want to try it.

Another thing I loved about the frame is that it makes extended playtime feel comfortable. That is because it has an exception vibration dampening that you cannot find in many racquets.

You will find it comfortable to play with as it gives you the best control of your game. Intermediate and advanced players love it for maneuverability as taking quick shots with less effort is easy. If you take long fast swings, then you should not have a second thought.

There are several reasons why you should consider having a Pro Kennex Kinetic Pro 5g racquet, and I have already mentioned a few. Its exceptional design and comfort level are unique; that's why it's a good pick, in my opinion.


  • Good control
  • Stable frame
  • Mobility


  • Lacks easy depth

4. Babolat Strike Evo

4 Babolat Strike Evo


  • Length: 27
  • Strung Weight: 9.9
  • Head Size: 102

The Babolat Strike Evo is an excellent example of what this manufacturer produces. The company took the racket manufacturing a notch higher with this model with a new level of performance. Consider buying this racket if you are just starting or if you are an intermediate tennis player.

It feels comfortable to play with this racquet as it has an excellent grip. That makes it easy also to have enough power without any problem. However, you do not need to put too much force when taking shots because it provides a softer feel than most alternatives.

It has a unique type of technology that makes it more efficient. This technology plays a vital role in ensuring that there is enough shock absorption on every shot. That makes the whole experience feel enjoyable, and you will like to play every free minute you have.

Another type of technology you will find helpful is SMAC. It got incorporated into four locations of the racquet. The primary purpose of having this technology is to improve comfort every time you take a shot.

It also has a larger head size than most racket on this list. Beginners enjoy a larger surface, and this racquet does not disappoint at all. It is best for them as it helps to develop and improve the game. It allows you to control better, power, spin, and a high-speed game.


  • Large head size
  • High comfortability
  • Better performance


  • Not ideal for doubles only players

5. Babolat Boost S (Strike): under 100 dollars

Babolat Boost S (Strike)


  • Length: 27
  • Strung Weight: 9.8
  • Head Size: 102

Babolat, a household name in the tennis world, has always wowed its fans with innovation. This time it is with the Boost Strike racket that fits everyone working on a budget. This racquet has impressive features that will make you head to the store right away.

In my view, the earlier versions of this model are ideal for experienced players, but this one is an excellent pick for a starter. You can also find it accommodative as an intermediate player. The unique characteristics that it comes with, such as the large head for accurate strikes, make it easy to learn tennis.

The different grip allows you to have the comfort you desire. It has a well-constructed graphite frame that is sturdy but lightweight. You will find it perfect if you are working on a budget.

It comes with uniquely patterned strings that make taking powerful shots possible. With this feature, it is possible to reach your desired level of power and have a perfect shot. If you love a speedy game, then this racquet will fit you perfectly as it flows seamlessly in the air.

I would recommend this racket for many reasons, but one thing I love about it is its design. The manufacturer intended to make a racket that makes playing tennis interesting. It gives you unmatched convenience compared to any racket within its price range.


  • Large head size
  • Unique construction
  • Unique control and power


  • Unsuitable for advanced players

Best Tennis Racquet Under 100

When it comes to finding the best tennis racquet under $100, there are a few options that offer great value for the price. One highly recommended choice is the Wilson Federer Tennis Racquet. This racquet combines affordability with quality construction, making it ideal for beginners or recreational players on a budget. With a lightweight frame and a comfortable grip, it provides good maneuverability and control on the court. The larger head size offers a larger sweet spot, helping to enhance forgiveness and power in your shots. Overall, the Wilson Federer Tennis Racquet offers an excellent balance of performance and affordability, making it a top pick for those looking to get started or upgrade their racquet without breaking the bank.

Final Thoughts for Buying Cheap Rackets

Picking the best racquet is a daunting task with dozens of options the market offers. That is because you need one that fits your needs and also comes at an affordable price. Combining these two characteristics to get the best racquet for you can be a daunting task.

As a beginner, an ideal racquet should provide you with the power that makes taking a shot feel easy. The design can immensely impact on how well the racquet serves you. Therefore, it is also necessary to check if it has the technology you require to have significant playing experience.

Lastly, you should then consider the amount of money you are willing to pay for a racquet. There are various options in the market, and you will not miss one that fits your budget. However, you have to dedicate significant time to research before settling on the best.

In this article, we have provided you with some of the best options that you can consider when buying a racquet on a budget. All the racquets in this article have the best convenience features and are affordable. Therefore, you should feel confident buying any of them, although you may need to consider specific features again.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much should I pay for a decent tennis racquet?

A tennis racket's price depends on the purpose it serves. That means it differs depending on your level of experience. You are a beginner if you are starting and experienced if you have played tennis for a long time. You will pay differently for all these options, and therefore, you should pick one that fits your need.

However, a decent tennis racket should not cost you an arm and a leg. You should pay between $30-$70 for a beginner level racket. I would advise against a graphite framed racket if you are a beginner. It will cost more than an aluminum-framed racquet that is good for a beginner.

Which racket should I buy as a beginner?

As a beginner, you need to consider what you want after mastering the game. It will determine the type of racket you will choose. If you're going to go professional, you may need a sturdier racket that will work well with tennis.

I would, however, recommend any racket that has technological features that provide power. It will help you to learn how to put power behind shots quickly.

Are more expensive tennis rackets better?

Yes. I can say that more expensive rackets are better for players that know how to use them well. That means they are great for intermediary and experienced players. You may find such racquets challenging to use if you start to play as they mostly come with smaller heads.

As a beginner, a less expensive racket can still serve you well. You can scale to more expensive racquets as you become a better player.

How much does Roger Federer's racket cost?

The Wilson Pro Staff that Rodger Federer uses costs approximately $344. It is one of the most expensive rackets because of the quality of player he is and its incredible features. He is one of the top tennis players in the world.

Which racket will provide me with better ball control?

As an intermediate player, you need a tennis racket that gives you the best control on both the ball and the overall game. The Babolat Pure Strike racket is my pick for this category because it has unique features that make it easy to control. You can learn how to play with speed while controlling your game with this Babolat model. Experience smooth ball control with Babolat Pure Strike.

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