Tennis Racket Buying Guide

Finding the perfect tennis racquet can often give you the feeling of overwhelm. With so many different brands to choose. Should you go with Babolat, Wilson, Pro Kennex or a Head racket. Once you decide on a brand there are beginner rackets, intermediate, advanced among other options.

Another consideration is buying a pre-strung racket as opposed to an unstrung version and weighing up the pros and cons that go with each option. 

We find a good place to start is to accurately assess whether you fall under a beginner player, intermediate or advanced. From here you might look at the brand you like the look of and then start researching the sub categories under that brand.

Let’s take the brand Wilson as an example. There are many sub categories under the Wilson brand such as with Wilson Clash, Pro Staff, Blade, Ultra, Burn, Triad, Recreation and Junior. If you know which type of Wilson racket you like this limits the number of rackets to choose from.

Of course, price can often be a factor when it comes to choosing a tennis racquet. Referring back to the list above for Wilson the recreation type of racket is generally where you find the cheaper options that would cater to people looking at getting a tennis racket on a budget.